Information Relating to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Company name: Furano Nature Farm Co., Ltd.

Named operator: Fumio Nakayama


Operator address:

Zip code: 071-0734

Address: Shikauchinojo, Nakafurano Town, Sorachi District, Hokkaido

Operator contact information

Phone number: 0167-39-3211

Business hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm, except Sundays, national holidays and other company holidays

(refer to the calendar for details)

Regarding product prices

Prices displayed on product details pages include tax


Method and timing of payment

Payment methods:

 ・ Bank transfer

 ・ Credit card payment

 ・ Payment at convenience stores / Pay-easy payment

 ・ Deferred payment


Timing of payment: Payment will be confirmed when the product order is confirmed.

Deferred payment (payment at convenience store within 14 days of invoicing):

Payment handling fee of 300 yen (including tax)

Delivery schedule of services or goods

Displayed on product details pages.

Special agreement relating to returns

Returns by customer request:

Returns based on customer preference cannot be accepted for food items. Returns can only be accepted due to defects such as defective products or products that do not match the order and are accepted on a payment on delivery basis. In such cases, please be sure to contact us before sending the product.


* Please note that images of products may differ slightly from the actual color due to the nature of browsing on a PC or mobile device.                   

We are not considered to be responsible for differences in image color. For more detailed information about products, please contact us before making your purchase.

Returns due to defects:

If we are at fault for products being damaged, of the incorrect size, or otherwise defective, we shall bear the shipping cost.