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Furano's summer melons have an excellent sweetness and aroma.

Melon plants bloom with yellow flowers and bear fruit, taking 50 days to grow delicious melons. Furano Nature Farm melons are carefully grown by farmers to produce fruits with beautiful skin and excellent sweetness, taste and shape. Furano melons make for wonderful gifts.

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2021 melon harvest

Orders accepted between July7 and September 24 , 2021 

Delivery period: July 10 to September 28, 2021 (may be subject to change due to harvest conditions)

Enjoy orange-fleshed melons with a rich flavor, melt-in-your-mouth texture, elegant aroma and sweetness of 15 degrees Brix or more.

Each melon is individually labeled with its optimal “ready to eat” date to ensure that you can taste our produce at its very best.

 2. Two large orange-fleshed melons (1.6kg or more each)
 2. Two large orange-fleshed melons (2.0kg or more each)
 5. Five large orange-fleshed melons (total weight of 8kg or more)
6. Four extra-large orange-fleshed melons (total weight of 8kg or more)
 8. Single large orange-fleshed melon (1.6kg or more)
9. Single extra-large orange-fleshed melon (2.0kg or more)

The secret to growing delicious melons
There are four reasons behind the great taste of Furano melons


Furano Nature Farm melons get time to grow.

Melons can have some difficulty establishing roots.

Planting seedlings in the greenhouse causes them to absorb nutrients over time,

meaning that the melons grow slowly.

This results in melons with a pleasant aroma and smooth texture.

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Furano Nature Farm melons ripen in the moonlight.

When the moon comes out at night, the temperature drops due to radiative cooling.

This difference in temperature between day and night makes the melons even sweeter.


The melons are harvested early in the morning when the fruits are still cold.


If the vines are cut after the temperature has risen,

the melon will not ripen as well after being harvested.

Harvesting early in the morning ensures that they ripen correctly.


Melons are selected according to their taste.


In order to ensure the best flavor, one in every fifty melons is cut open, tasted, and has its sugar content measured to check the sweetness and texture.


Four secrets for enjoying delicious melons


Secret one

To identify well-ripened melons, instead of pushing on the bottom of the melon, hold the sides with both hands and gently wrap all of your fingers around it. If the skin feels slightly ribbed, the melon is ripe and ready to eat. Double-check by looking at the “ready to eat” date written on the tag.

Secret two

To ripen and soften melons with red flesh before eating, store the melon in a cool room (17ºC/63ºF is ideal, however, up to 20ºC/68ºF is OK) for two to three days past the “ready to eat” date on the tag. The melon should not be over-ripened, but a slightly longer ripening period will improve the taste and smoothness of the melon flesh. As the sugar content of melons with green flesh tends to decrease over time, they should be eaten within 3 days of the “ready to eat” date.

Secret three

Leave melons to cool in the refrigerator for at least half a day before serving. Properly cooled melons have a refreshing sweetness and elegant aroma.

Secret four

If you have two melons that are due to be ready on the same day, the dates can be staggered by putting one melon in the refrigerator two days before the “ready to eat” date. This will delay the period in which the melon can be eaten by three or four days. Eat the other melon during the normal period.

Farmers in the Field Illustration

Furano Nature Farm farmers want our customers to enjoy their produce.We guarantee that our melons from Furano, Hokkaido are of the highest quality.

In addition to melons grown in summer, we are constantly undertaking research and strive to ensure that our fall vegetables meet the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.